Screwed up campaign types, please provide default values

Hey there,

I played around with the campaign_type_dom list of values and somehow screwed it up. When I create a non-email campaign and use one of my newly created values it (somehow) gets converted to an email campaign but cannot be edited any more.

If someone still has the default values (Item Names and Display Values) please kindly paste it here so I can go back to the standard. If someone additionally has the German display values, please also provide them.

Thanks a 1.000 times!


Here it is

My guess is that you already have exactly those values in that file. You probably added some string customizations, so if you remove them, these default values will take their place.

You have some clues about the structure of all this here:

Hi pgr,

Just to be sure: You are correct, the values are in the mentioned file and I customized it under Admin > Dropdown Editor.

So, if I remove all the values in the Dropdown Editor, then the system pulls the ones from the file? Are the default values then displayed again in Dropdown Editor?


I’m sorry, I’m not a good person to help with this because I do more customizations directly in the files than through Dropdown editor. I don’t know how to clear the work of Dropdown editor and go back to defaults.

If you see that link to the Documentation that I gave you, you’ll find some directories that you can inspect in your “custom” directory. If you find a file in the “custom” directory with your changes, I’d say it’s safe to remove the file (don’t delete it, just move it to a different place - this way you can put it back if anything breaks).

Then try a Quick Repair and Rebuild and see if things are back to default.

Don’t touch anything except under the “custom” directory.

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I removed the custom lines from the English and German language files and the campaign types are reset to their defaults.

pgr, thanks again für your help.