Scheduling calls for group of Contacts


I’m exploring some call features I haven’t used before. I was trying to do something which I thought was going to be eaasy in SuiteCRM, but it turns out there is no direct way to do it (unless I missed it somehow).

I want to select a group of Contacts (from a search, for example) and generate scheduled outgoing calls for all of them, assigned to a particular user. Basically, I want to launch a sort of “Phone campaign” where a list of people need to be reached personally by phone. The users would then see that list in their “My Calls” dashlet, and work through them one by one.

How could I achieve this without creating the calls one by one? Isn’t this a common scenario in CRM?

I think that you’re right, there’s no out of the box functionality at the moment, but you can create a custom field then a logic hook that triggers for each contact creates a call in the Calls menu, after you modified in a “Mass update after a Search” or something like that.

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with no programming you could also work with target lists…

would be my choise.

I have had a similar scenario with a client

Without coding I used a Workflow

run = on save only / always
run on = All records

condition = anything you would have searched for = scenario was (Date created)

= create record
= call

+add fields
subject =
call start date = today + 1 day
assigned to = userX

The “on save only” rule allows you to set conditions so the call is auto created based on the conditions

The “always” - “on all records” will allow you to quickly mass create calls based on the conditions (recommend this is switched to inactive when not being triggered)


@Wieland I agree Target Lists are an appropriate concept for this, because what I want is basically a campaign (a phone campaign).

But I don’t see any options with Target Lists to create Calls without programming… can you explain better what you meant?

Thank you!

Hello pgr,

I’m making the as easy as possible …

I create a target list and call this as - Phone list for “customer satisfaction” - or whatever. Or for any other campaign that is not made on the campaign module.

Then I assign this list to a staff member who will work through the list until it is processed. The result can be also controlled by means of reports for example.

The call module can be added in the studio as a relationship/subpanel for the target list, the entries are alos in contacts thru the relationship.

For me, the target list is also suitable for mailings or mail merge with good old post.

PS: I’ve adapted to my needs, the languages names in the studio. If it’s all about telephone campaigns, which should be adapted quickly.

PS: I have a checkbox added for completed operations and added to the list view and search.

PS: Ich habe eine Checkbox hinzugefügt für erledigte Vorgänge und zur List-View und Suche hinzugefügt.

That’s seems a smart way to do it.

So, you don’t automatically create “Calls”, right?

You just go through the Target List manually, and create each call (as a related record) only when it is about to take place?

Yes, we are a small team and create the calls manually. Access to the Contacts profile is as fast possible and possible tasks and appointments or contracts have also created quickly.

Since we have customer-related Campain that is easier for us.