Scheduler Issue

Scheduler is not working in xampp localhost. Need help

Alreadly timezone configured in php.ini and also in suiteCRM but still not working…

Is there any SuiteCRM version in which Scheduler issue doesn’t exist?

how did you setup the windows scheduler? Can you post some screenshots?

Thanks for response.

I have no idea about windows scheduler. Does I need it to configure? If, then how can I do that please share some tutorial. Thanks in advance

yes, the SuiteCRM scheduler is only able to work if “something” executes the cron.php regularly.

Here you can find the scheduler manual:

(you will also find a lot of posts here in this board)

In summary:

  • create a .bat file that executes Suites cron.php
  • run the .bat file each minute from the OS
  • Suites own scheduler will fire all events as planned in the scheduler area.

Thanks for response.

Now scheduler working fine but with different time.

I set Scheduler Report to 14:00 but it run at 11:00 (5 hrs difference).

Ok, in this case you just have to deal with proper timezone settings. Afaik Suite stores everything as UTC+0, so you probably have to adjust the servers (webserver/php) timezone and the settings within Suite. But maybe someone else can give you more detailed instructions on this topic.

Schedulers run from CLI php, those are different timezone settings than the ones used by the web server PHP

There are a ton of threads here in these forums explaining this

Thank you all of you… Now Schedule Report working fine at given date and time.

But I need to know how can I display “Last Run:” date and time as “Schedule”.

Hi, may i know about how do you configure the time zone and scheduler file as well? I am now dealing with the same problem as your previous problem. Thank you so much