scheduler and cron issues


I set up suitecrm 7.9.6 (great sw :cheer: btw)
I started looking at the scheduler. Set up www-data’s crontab as instructed. Apparently nothing happens. In the logfile I have lines such as:

Wed Oct 11 09:41:12 2017 [2794][1][FATAL] Job runs too frequently, throttled to protect the system.

Than I had a look at cron.php and right near to the top I find:

//change directories to where this file is located.
//this is to make sure it can find dce_config.php

Now there is no dce_config.php altogether in the suitecrm package.
Fow now I have removed unnecessary jobs and increased job intervall from each minute to at least 10 minutes. I could also turn off each job in the scheduler and start switching them back one-by-one and do a debug.

Any idea or help would be appreciated.

Best regards: bp

Never mind that dce_config thing.

The only time I got the “throttled” error was when I was playing with the cron configs, this caused a frequent relaunch of jobs. But after leaving things quiet the error stopped happening after a while.

Pay attention to other messages in the logs (ERROR or FATAL), there might be other clues.

If you really need to weed out the guilty job, you can also try the bi-section method (more effective). Leave half the jobs on, half off; see if the error continues; if so, split the group in half again. If not, use the other group, and split that one in half. This way in 3 or 4 iterations you will know.

But I’m guessing the throttling problem is not your real problem, you must have some job failing, your logs should tell you (check also the php_errors.log).