Scheduled Reports Error

Hello All,

I have just tried the create my first scheduled reports but when I save it I get the attached image, I have also attached the full text or the error. The report does show in the view list but when you try to open it another error occurs.

Does any one know what maybe causing this?


I’m getting the same thing but can’t figure out what is happening. The error seems to be in themes/SuiteP/include/DetailView/header.tpl with a literal but I don’t see what is wrong there.

same thing for me, I’ve come to the forum specifically to find a solution for this?

Anyone please help? It happened to my site too. I got the ajax error first and then this after I disabled ajax for scheduled reports. I can’t modify the reports at all.

Someone please help!!! I have the same issue. Version 7.8.

I have the same issue, anyone please help!!!

The way I fixed mine was to go in to studio and change the display view to Tab versus panel. If you look at your screenshot (the one with all the error Code) you will notice just above the Grey button it provides you with a clue. It states when action menu and there are only panel - and there are no tabs make the first panel a tab.

Also another workaround - go to System Settings, then configure AJAX and remove scheduled reports. This also works ( I like the above suggestion better - since I think that how it suppose to be)


Perfect - mine is all fixed. chaned layout to tab and not panel all done.

Brilliant, mine is now working as it should be. Thanks for your help B)