Scheduled Reports: Edit page defaults to monthly


I have set a scheduled report to run daily, but when i open it in ‘edit view’ the schedule changes to monthly.

I have tried replicating this on the demo version but the detail view throws an error?

I would expect the edit view to load the ‘daily’ value for the schedule.

Is this a bug, or something wrong with my instance?

What is the error that you see in the demo? Maybe that’s a bug in itself.

There is another demo which I often use, it let’s you log in as an admin:

Can you try it in that one please?

Hi Bungle,
Could you find the solution?
I found when I open the Scheduled Report in ‘Edit View’ it just does not show ‘Daily’ in dropdown. But it saves correctly in the table ‘aor_scheduled_reports’. For example I scheduled a report ‘Daily at 7:00AM’ and it saved ‘0 7 * * *’ which means same thing in Cron schedule. Also you can see it if you mark checkbox ‘Advanced’ in ‘Edit View’.
Also you can see it in ‘Detail View’ if you click on the name of scheduled report (after fixing this view. It was broken, I found the solution here It shows data correctly.
So, only problem is displaying dropdown correctly in ‘Edit View’, make selected one of options (Daily, Monthly etc.).
If someone knows how to fix it, please share the knowledge here.
My SuiteCRM version is 7.9.1

Hi pgr/Nurlan,

On the instance at i get the error message ‘There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time.’ when trying to view the detail page of a scheduled report. However i don’t get any error message on my instance, its just that the fields are not being populated correctly.

Nurlan: On my instance the ‘Daily’ option is already visible in the dropdown - even though i have not applied the fix? However i am using 7.9.4.

I have also noticed that the detail view of the scheduled report does not show the recipient. So it seems there are two problems:

  1. The detail view is not populating the email recipient - but the edit view does
  2. The edit view is not populating the date of the schedule correctly, but the detail view does.

I am trying to add some screen shots, but for some reason nothing is happening when i click the Add Attachment button (using chrome).

Here are some screen shots created in following order:

  1. Create new record view
  2. Detail view of the new record - email recipient not showing
  3. Edit view - scheduled interval not showing correctly.

Hi guys,

This looks like a bug. Would you be able to create a new Github Issue here, following the steps in the template?


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Thanks, I’ve created the issue

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