Scheduled reports are not working right


Scheduled reports in suitecrm stopped working all of sudden. There were scheduled to be sent via email every Monday specific hour. The mail is working fine and we did not change anything.
Contacting to hosting company, they found that the error log is too large and thats it.
I do not know if this helps, the only thing that happened, is that the user who built the system was deactivated from user management as he will not work in this department anymore.

Please any advice will be helpful.
Thank you in advance


Are you still having issues with this?

If Email is still working as expected, (and new emails can be composed from the CRM), then the next thing I would suggest checking is that the Crontab/Scheduled Job is still running

I believe the Scheduled Reports needs to be running on Cron, to send on-schedule

If you navigate to Admin->Schedulers->Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks

Is this item still running?

(You can see by expanding the Job Log subpanel, as well as the “Last successful Run” field)

If this is not running, it would be worth checking that Crontab is still working as expected.