Scheduled Report time(zone)

I have four reports set up.- for Daily at 1020, 1025, 1030 and 1030. The Scheduler is set to trigger every 15 minutes, for testing purposes.

I received one of the reports at 1130, and the other three came hours later. The one I received at 1130 says last run was at 1630. The other three say their last runs were at noon. I am in the GMT - 6 timezone, and all my datetimes are set thjere as well…

I am really confused about all this disparity between the times. I would really like to send PRECISION and RELIABILITY with a little planning instead of wasting a day to see what times result in what delivery times.

Is there some mystical algorithm that relates the Windows Task Scheduler to the SuiteCRM cron batch file to the SuiteCRM cron.php to the SuiteCRM Scheduler to the Scheduled Reports settings?

Mark Edwards


Did you figure anything out on this? It seems my scheduled reports are running on GMT???

I don’t have any data in the logs now, but the other day I had, in what would be normal order, log entries offset by several hours… as if it were being inserted into the wrong place in the log (which doesn’t make sense) so what I think was happening is that perhaps those entries were also on GMT mixed with my regular CDT (GMT-5) time entries.

Everything else seems to be working properly on CDT… so I’m not sure what is up with scheduled reports.