Scheduled mass email never goes

Hello everyone,

Before I think there is a problem, I want to eliminate the possibility that I am not making a mistake in programming or something else that I do not know.

What I do is:
Create a Campaign
Assigned a Test Target List
Define a URLs tracker
Choose or create a Email Marketing
I schedule Email Marketing (date and time) for its distribution
Finally I go to the Campaign dropdown menu and choose Send Emails (here nothing happens)
Or choose from the dropdown menu and choose Send Test campaign (This option works well, all emails are sent and received correctly)
When I choose anyone of the options above, SuiteCRM sends me to the Status View screen, when I send the test, Status View shows statistics of the emails sent, etc.; however, when I choose Send Emails, nothing shows.

What do you thing it’s happening?

The crontab is correct.
Permissions are well too, checked twice.

I don’t know where to keep looking

For the Campaign emails to be sent you first have to set up a cron job in your operating system.

If you go to Admin->Schedulers you will see, at the bottom of the page a Linux command that correspond to the command you have to enter in your crontab.

Additionnally you should be aware that, by default, email campaigns are sent on the hour at night, so, if you want to modify this setteng you have to go to Admin->Schedulers and edit the Send Mass Email scheduler telling it to send your emails at the intervals that you prefer. Beware that, depending on the system, the number of emails and the weight of these emails, sending email campaigns may slow down the system.

To see if a Scheduler has run successfully you, again, have to go to Admin->schedulers. You will see the last successful run as well as all the other times it was run.

My problem is almost the same except it did work twice. I uploaded 2 Target lists, created campaigns & e-mails for both & they went out fine.

However, a third one just won’t complete. The test e-mails go through but nothing else happens.

The only thing different is that I tinkered with creating a signature in the editor. I am not a programmer but I figured pressing clone would create signatures for for several users but I can’t see that it did.

Could this be the course of my problems? If so, how to fix?