Scheduled email campaigns don't start

Hello, as the title suggests, I would need help with my scheduled email campaigns. When I create a campaign and set a certain date and time when it arrives, the emails do not arrive, however, through the admin panel it is possible to see that they are in the queue and can be sent. I would like to understand why the emails of the scheduled campaign are not sent at the set time and date. Thank you in advance for the help in case you need it I can provide a log file.

SuiteCRM Version 7.10.20**

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Versionstrong text 344)

Hi and welcome!
Did you configure to execute your cron.php regularly (php -f cron.php in your crontab)?

It has been set as other schedules work. I don’t understand why I have this problem with scheduled email campaigns.

someone who can help me?

  1. In Admin / Schedulers, entering the Campaigns job, what do you see in the last ran successfully field?

  2. What about the other jobs? Go into one that runs every minute. Please check whether the last ran successfully field appears to be in the correct timezone.

  3. In email / Outbound, is your system email account correctly set? Does it send the test email correctly?

Emails scheduled at the scheduled time do not leave and remain in the queue. If I select them manually and send them they are sent. I don’t understand why they don’t start automatically.
I add that I am testing now with local server with xampp but the problem persists also on the company server and I cannot fix it

can someone help me?

I already helped you, but you seemed to have ignored my answer… did you see it?

Hi Pgr, sorry if I didn’t answer your help correctly. Thank you for the help you are giving me I state that this is the first time I use SuiteCRM.

  1. In my scheduling list, there is no campaign scheduling, can you help me understand why it doesn’t exist?

  2. You are in the correct time zone or so it seems. I set the time zone in the php.ini file by entering Europe / Rome. I don’t have the CLI folder because I’m testing on localae with xampp.

  3. Yes, when I send the test email it is sent. However, if I press the test email button in the campaigns, it does not arrive and after scheduling the email, they remain in the queue and do not start.

The cron has been set up correctly, whatever you need just ask and I’ll give it to you. Thanks for your help

  1. There are two jobs called
    Run Nightly Process Bounced Campaign Emails and
    Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns

  2. So, do the other jobs run or not? About the timezone, it’s important, that you check it from there, the whole point is to understand if what you tried setting from php.ini is effective as seen from the Schedulres engine.

  3. What you say about the Test email, is it the one for the system account that is set in Admin / Outbound email stttings?

Thanks for the quick response

  1. I set the two schedulers to update as soon as possible and now the emails are sent automatically at the established time.

  2. I believe the time zone is the right one as it seems that the other jobs are working fine.

  3. Yes, it is the account for outgoing emails.

Now having changed the update to the two schedulers, is it possible that the problem was that and for this reason the emails did not start and remained in the queue?

But now there remains a problem the campaign test emails when I press the button after finishing the preparation are not sent, why?

Thanks for all the help you are giving me Pgr!

The scheduler jobs are what sends the campaign emails, so if they weren’t running, no wonder your email wasn’t getting sent (except when you sent them manually from the queue screen).

But now there remains a problem the campaign test emails when I press the button after finishing the preparation are not sent, why?

:point_up: can you explain this a little better? I don’t understand where this is, or what exactly is the problem


Thanks Pgr for the reply, sorry if I did not reply but I had not seen the notification. Thank you for your help and I solved all the problems. Thank you so much for all the work you do for us!

But now I have another problem that does not concern the campaigns can I ask you here or do I open a new topic?