Schedule e-mails for email marketing Campaigns for highest deliverability? 📬

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We’re currently planning to send out our first email campaign through SuiteCRM and I am wondering if there is a way to schedule when (which day and time), the e-mails are sent out and delivered to the prospects.

According to existing research available on the internet the best days are Tuesdays and Thursdays before 08:00 am.

So it would be nice to be able to configure SuiteCRM campaign module to do just that in order to get the highest deliverability and ROI.

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One of the option in the final stages of the campaigns wizard is exactly that, time of delivery, if I am not mistaken.

If I am, then have a look at the scheduler job that sends out the campaign, something like “Nightly emails” - you can change the schedule there too.

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Thanks bunch @pgr for the help.

I’ll check it out… :+1:

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By the way, the logic of those settings is like this:

  1. The Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns scheduler job kicks off at the assigned time
  2. It checks for any Campaigns that are past their scheduled time and sends them.

I confirm that the Wizard has such options, at the Marketing tab:


Make sure your command-line (CLI) PHP is in the correct timezone, because when running from Schedulers, that’s the one that applies:

php -i | grep timezone

If it needs changing, the correct ini can be found with this:

php -i | grep php.ini
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Thank you, its appreciated @pgr ! :smiley:

By the way do you may happen to know where you can find all the SuiteCRM short codes (like an overview or something), which are printed into the emails when sent, like click tracking, first/last name, unsub link etc. etc?

I’m currently custom coding the e-mail templates and i need to find the list of these short code so I can code/add these into the email html code…

Thanks again! :facepunch:

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Sorry, I don’t know of any place where such a compiled list exists. You’ll have to pick things up from all the separate places where it is casually mentioned.

From the work I’ve done re-working all of those places where templates are used (for my add-on PowerReplacer, I can tell you that the code is a bloody mess, and there are differences between all the several places, and some things work in one place don’t work in others, and basic things you’d expect to work… don’t.

And one of the biggest problems isn’t even how the templates translate; it’s how to get the Templates to get saved just like you entered them, instead of getting changed repeatedly and senselessly.

Sorry if this sounds a bit bleak :slight_smile: Have a great Sunday!

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Thanks a lot @pgr ! :facepunch:

Hmm that link with " HTML email template editor output is filtered with purifier upon saving" sounds very scary. :scream:

I have built perfectly coded html templates that are 99.9% compliant with most email providers, so don’t what SuiteCRM to mess or change my code for obvious reasons.
I just want to save the cede “as is” in the HTML editor, (Just like you can do in WordPress for example).

I s there a way to turn off that purifier function?

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The quickest way to achieve that is to go directly into the database and saving the template there, and never saving it inside SuiteCRM.

It’s in the email_templates table.

There are ways to get the editor to behave a little bit better (it also depends on exactly which content you have), but as you can see by my last post, it can get tricky. If you want to try just one (which might be enough), try this one.

I have to say: I am at a point where I fully understand the workings of editors and templates, and I have no intention of leaving this broken just to get more add-on sales. I would gladly push solutions into core.

What is really stopping me is a) lack of time and more importantly, b) I’ve stopped making any substantial new PR’s (made a couple of really basic ones), until I start seeing my years-old PR’s getting merged…

Hi @prg and thanks for your reply.

So I suppose its just about making a new DB table section then in email_templates?
is there anything special I should take into consideration when making it?

Thanks a bunch, I’ll check it out. :+1:

Yeah, I understand you.
Why should you put time and motivation into it if Nothng happens right?
No point if they devs themselves doesn’t pickup on these and get it done first. :wink:

Have wonderful evening and thanks again. :smiley:

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For the database editing, just create an email template normally inside SuiteCRM, save it, and afterwards go look at the email_templates table and locate the row you just created.

Change fields body and body_html to set the content of your email (plain-text + html).

Ok, cool, thanks a lot @pgr :wink:

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