Schedule an email / Receiving emails inside Suitecrm

I am loving this application. I just started using it and just keep wondering where it was all my life.

I have two questions:

  1. From the activities menu you are able to schedule a call and a meeting. I do not see an option to schedule an email or a reminder to send an email on a specific date. This is something that has to be possible. Any ideas on how to do this? or to log that a call was made? Sorry for the noobie question .

  2. I figured out how to send emails from the system. Is there a way to receive emails? or have Suitecrm be able to read incoming messages like horde or Round cube? that way all customer service inquiries can be handled inside of Suitecrm.

Thanks much for everyones help

Hello juniew

From my point of view, SuiteCRM’s emeil module (in this case the list view) just work as an email client inside the application.

I am in a process of getting a script to allow other users to insert the remainder panel in another modules (as you have in the meeting and call modules). You can see the process in this topic:

I’m almost there!!

Regarding your 2nd question, have you configured an inbound email account?