schedular showing error :<url> malformed sugarcrm

when running the bat file that contains the cron job url showing in command prompt below error

error : malformed sugarcrm

continuously on command prompt screen

Dear community member,

please help me out to resolve this… its commning on my production environment and i have no clue how to debug this one… logs doesn’t seems helping me out


Hi Arpit,

You will need to give a bit more information round the problem.

Operating System the instance is running on. ?

What are you running within the Cron ? e.g Workflow, inbound email etc

have you tried running the Cron from the command line? (if so do you get the same output ?)

when you say you have checked the logs I assume you have checked both the apache log and the sugarcrm log ?


Operating system : windows server 2008
i am running only the aow workflow process other process are deactivated mode

i tried to run the cron in both(schedular and command prompt) in command prompt it show error error : malformed repetitively

i check the sugarcrm log inside the htdocs folder and i have not checked the apache logs ,let me know where it created as i am using xampp server


Hi arpit,

normally you will find it here.


or along these lines. it can be changed so not always in the same place.

that might open a door to say what is happening.

no error showing even in the server logs also

pfa the error screen cron command prompt screen