Schduler - Job drop down field not loading all jobs

Environment Information
OS: Linux
DB: 5.6.37 - MySQL
Browser: Chrome
SuiteCRM: 7.9.7

Within the Edit View of the Scheduler module, the “Job” field is not populating all the values (please see attached). Also I’m seeing the following in the error_log file: PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of SchedulersViewEdit::_getModuleTitleListParam() should be compatible with SugarView::_getModuleTitleListParam($browserTitle = false) in […]/modules/Schedulers/views/view.edit.php on line 0

If you have a solution or a thought of how to fix this issue, please share with me.


Go to this line in your system

and change to this:

	protected function _getModuleTitleListParam($browserTitle = false)

then tell me if that fixes the PHP Strict Standards error.

About the other one, that could be just a labels problem - can you please check in your browsers Inspector if those options are there in the dropdown, only lacking proper labels? Do they work if you select them?

Thanks for these reports.

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Confirmed as a language issue.
You need to add this strings in /modules/Schedulers/language/en_us.lang.php
near the end of the file, after

    'LBL_POLLMONITOREDINBOXES' => 'Check Inbound Mail Accounts',
    'LBL_PERFORMFULLFTSINDEX' => 'Full-text Search Index System',

    'LBL_RUNMASSEMAILCAMPAIGN' => 'Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns',
    'LBL_PRUNEDATABASE' => 'Prune Database on 1st of Month',
    'LBL_TRIMTRACKER' => 'Prune Tracker Tables',
    'LBL_TRIMSUGARFEEDS' => 'Prune SuiteCRM Feed Tables',
    'LBL_SENDEMAILREMINDERS' => 'Run Email Reminders Sending',
    'LBL_CLEANJOBQUEUE' => 'Cleanup Job Queue',
    'LBL_REMOVEDOCUMENTSFROMFS' => 'Removal of documents from filesystem',

    'LBL_AODOPTIMISEINDEX' => 'Optimise Advanced OpenDiscovery Index',
    'LBL_AODINDEXUNINDEXED' => 'Index unindexed documents',
    'LBL_POLLMONITOREDINBOXESAOP' => 'AOP Poll Monitored Inboxes',
    'LBL_AORRUNSCHEDULEDREPORTS' => 'Run scheduled reports',
    'LBL_PROCESSAOW_WORKFLOW' => 'Process AOW Workflow',

Note: Requires a Quick rebuild after new strings added

Crowdin language packs already fixed (use language packs for version


That seem to have fixed both issues. Thanks guys.


What about the PHP Strict standards error, is it fixed with the change I proposed?

Yes. that fixed it. I also had to change it in view.detail.php


Thanks for reporting back, even after a few weeks : - )

This confirmation let’s me go ahead and provide a definitive fix into the code:

in Version Version 7.11.13
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
I get an error
Undefined index: LBL_TRIMSUGARFEEDS in …\modules\Schedulers\Scheduler.php on line 1057
In my installation in /modules/Schedulers/language/en_us.lang.php the LBL_TRIMSUGARFEEDS is missing

the missing LBL_TRIMSUGARFEEDS label is now in this PR: