Scalability/Performance of SuiteCRM

Hello all,

We’re strongly considering SuiteCRM for tracking our point of sale customers along with their contracts, pictures of installations, equipment and support incidents.

We expect to have close to 10,000 in one years time (we already have over 4,000). I’m investigating SuiteCRM and it seems very promising, but I’m concerned about performance when we start adding so many accounts and contacts. The concerns are related to

  1. performance of the UI with so many stores
  2. file organization for so many uploads . (are they all in one directory?)

Note that we don’t expect usage from our customers. Rather, this will be a tool for our company employees and expect not more than 50 in total.

Thanks in advance for any advice


we have more than one installation with different modules (custom and not) with more than 300000 records and more than 1000 products. We have also some SuiteCRM with over 1GB of documents

We have never found any performance problem. If you see a slowest page you can try to optimize mysql indices in the tables.

p.s. the uploaded files are all in one directory

Hi Roberto,

When you say 300,000 records, do you mean 300,000 documents? I was particularly concerned about the underlying OS (in our case Linux) issues of having one directory with so many files there.



No i mean records on database tables :wink:

In one installation we have more than 70000 documents (with related files) and we have no problem.

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Actually, dividing the upload directory into subdirectories would be a great addition to SuiteCRM. And it shouldn’t be too complicated. If any of you can do that and offer the code to the community, that would be great :slight_smile:

Or if you have some budget, you could negotiate with Sales Agility to do it for you as a payed solution, and then donate the code to the Community. I think this kind of “buy me a feature” initiatives would be of great value to this project…

The subdirectories could be by module (so that Documents are not mixed with pictures or upgrade packages) and then, for the potentially larger modules (like Documents), some division by id’s to further break up the subdirectories.

FYI - We’re still deciding on whether suiteCRM is for us, and exploring what the hiccups might be. If we decide to go ahead, we would probably need a solution to this, either home built and offered up to the world, or as you suggested, a purchase from Sales Agility.

Thank you

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This has more to do with your hosting infrastructure than suiteCRM itself. The underlying sugarcrm 6 framework is more than 10 years old so its obviously not going to be most optimised php based application out there. But its has been updated to work on php 7 which has significant speed enhancements over older versions of php. Really if your running the application on modern horizontally scalable cloud hosting then you should have no problem scaling the application almost indefinitely providing you can afford the increased hosting costs.