Saving base64 string

I have an image as a base64 string obtained using this signature pad:

I want to save signatures for future retrieval via the REST API. I’m thinking that i could just use a textarea field and display it as a data: url. Is that the best way to go about doing this?

Yes that will be fine. Save it as text field. And you can display the image on detailview if you want.

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Okay I can save it as a text field, but when I tried testing the size of the base64 string for the signature, it came out to roughly 84,000 characters. Won’t text fields be limited to less than this?

By text field i Mean the textarea.

Thanks for your reply. I decided to save this as a .png file instead.

How would you display the image on detailview–Can you point me to an article or forum post explaining how to do this? Thanks