Save files to Nextcloud instead of Upload folder

I have an installation of SuiteCRM 7.4.4 and I want to move documents from ‘upload’ folder to own Nextcloud server.
It this case I want to ask some questions:

  • Is this already implemented? I’ve found many requests of this functionality, but no ready solutions for Nextcloud. (something like
  • Maybe someone knows a solution how to replace a function of uploading a file to SuitCRM to make it uploading files to WebDav?

Thank you in advance!

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if there’s a paid addon in the store, I don’t think you will see implemented in the core, you can always rsync or mount a different upload folder in your suitecrm web server

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I’d also be interested in a WEBDAV addition to CORE for integration with NextCloud.

Will to contribute some $$ to see that happen


@TheLittleDuke I like your suggestion, I would love to see more of this - Community gathers to generate some money for a feature, buys the feature from SalesAgility’s developers, with the request that it goes into the core.

  1. You pay for the feature, but if this practice becomes common, the general effect is very positive, you get MANY features for free

  2. You support SalesAgility’s business (which is not a millionaire business model! It’s not license based business like SugarCRM did) which pays for a larger Product Team

  3. You get some control over which features you’re pushing forward, the ones that interest you the most.

NextCloud is a great idea to start this, it fits our culture very well.

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Perhaps we post this on or maybe the team could host its own version of that on the site like a mini “kickstarter” or “” where the community doesn’t just upvote new features – they vote with their money!

Have the team figure out what the “costs” would be on new features/modules and put a price on it – then the community crowdfunds the features it sees as most valuable. The team wins as does the community!

We’re starting to use NextCloud as our “collaboration / meet-me” point with our clients to have a System of Authoritative Record (SOAR) – no need to have files scattered across systems – including using email which isn’t great. So this one feature has value I would be willing to pay for, not as an annual plugin though and not as a separate “premium” version – but as a “give back” to the community for all the OTHER things I am getting basically for free. It would be away for me to “re-pay it forward”


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I’ve thought about that sort of solution before, but never tried it.

I also brought the issue up in internal discussions, and one concern we have (among others) is that the actual time to do a proper architectural analysis and cost estimate is valuable time. We are really short on resources and we can’t devote much effort to working on estimates that might not go anywhere.

Maybe the first one of these will have to be a more spontaneous community thing, to prove the concept can work. Or maybe we can look at other projects that did similar things?

I am just thinking out loud here, I don’t have any definite ideas on this.

Trust me I totally understand that architecture is its own thing. As a small business too we have to guard our time, focus, money and morale :slight_smile:

Give me a ballpark estimate just to do the analysis.

Doesn’t have to be comprehensive from day one – just the ability to link a WEBDAV at the account or contact level.


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I’ve been looking at some of these Bounty platforms. In case anybody is wondering, I suggest (just as a learning exercise) skimming through this particular thread (and comments) here:

That has nothing to do with us - it’s just an example where you can see how the community interacts with the repo owners, how the Bounty money builds up, etc.

In that case, you can also see that the Nextcloud guys (the repo owners for that particular issue) didn’t even bother to do any estimate, or architectural design. Instead, they just preemptively ask people who look interested in implementing, to share their ideas early so they can call out any flaws they see. But I would say the Community pretty much does all the work, and the repo owners don’t have any commitment to working on it or merge the code.

So I wonder - why don’t you just launch the bounty there, and we’ll just keep an eye on it and see how it goes? Anybody can take up the bounty, not just SalesAgility; and you can get a feeling of how many people would jump in to contribute with you.

Hey David - I’d be keen to talk through this idea in a little more detail. Happy for me to drop you a quick email to set up some time?


Hello Scott- yes feel free to ping me dduccini (at) gmail [dot] com

Has this idea gained any traction or has the issue been overcome?

Please do! Just needs “webdav” support and it should be open compatible.

Raising awareness for this again.

BUMP – still very interested in building/funding a WebDAV extension specifically supporting NextCloud first (but really in theory it could be pointed at Box, Dropbox et al!)

Hello everyone,
Personally I installed it on my server and created an Iframe field in studio
This allows me to have a visualization of the documents of my contacts.
Nice day


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