SAML failure

OK so I admit I messed up! I tried to get single sign on working through my exchange server using SAML. Needless to say it isn’t working right but the bigger problem is once you enable SAML in suiteCRM it will only allow you in through the federated server. Is there a back door to this, or is there a .php I should be able to edit to turn it back to local authentication? At this time I just get a screen with an XML and code popping up.

On a second note, after I fix problem 1, does anybody have tips to get O365 to act as a federated server for suiteCRM? I know O365 has a built in app gallery for Sugar but the reply address that is required by the server is sugar hosted servers, won’t let me put in my own reply address.


OK, so I fixed problem # 1 with the config_override file. Should have checked that before I posted, but the second question is still out there. Anyone know how to do this with Office 365 (Azure AD)? I have tried to search for this but to no avail, so if I missed this posted somewhere else, please let me know and we can delete this topic!