SAML Authentication With Azure

I have enabled SAML Authentication in suitecrm. I have given login url, logout url and x509 certificate base 64 format. But i can’t login through SAML.
While login it’s opening blank screen on that time i checked in suitecrm log **Exception in Controller : Invlaid array setings : idp_slo_url_invalid **.
I have tried below url plugins also but that time it was redirecting to Suitecrm logout page.
GitHub - goavega-software/suitecrm-azure-ad: A SuiteCRM plugin to allow single signon using Azure Active Directory / Office 365.

Help me to enable SAML authentication in suitecrm version 7.11.19. Kindly give me solution to resolve this issue.

Hi @kanagaraj

In this community post same question .I think it is matching to their need.