Sales Stages and Modules for Door-to-Door Alarm Business

I am building out a CRM for a Door-to-Door B2C Alarm System business.

The sales process for them is basically:

  1. Knocks door of homeowner; makes pitch.
    1a. Re-cycles the “Lead” if they don’t answer, or can’t talk at that moment.
  2. Goes over all of the various install options/features.
  3. Puts install order in with their technicians if they agree.
  4. Follows-up with client at 7 and 30 day marks after install.

So, I am thinking about using the “Accounts” module (though renaming it to prospects) to keep track of the various houses.

Anybody they make contact with at the door would be a “Contact” and if they get a referral, that would be a “Lead” to be converted when they make contact.

The various product packages/services would be created as “Opportunities”.

I think for sales stages for Opportunties would be

  1. New - for Opportunties that haven’t been assigned to a sales rep.
  2. Prospecting - when a rep has taken the “Opportunity” to knock on their door.
  3. Proposal - for when proposal schedule has been made
  4. Consideration - for when proposal has been made and client is considering
  5. Committment - for they agree to purchase and are awaiting install
  6. Closed Won
  7. Closed Lost

That seems to be a reasonable pipeline given their process.

I think I might add a “Pulled Out” stage for clients that cancelled their installation order/changed their mind after committment.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

If it was me, everyone would be leads until they either a) qualify as an opportunity or b) purchase your service and become a client.

I would convert LEADS to CONTACTS and just disable accounts since you’re unlikely to have an Account/contact relationship unless your selling B2B.

Lead stages would be:

  1. new
  2. Prospecting
  3. Interested
  4. Not Interested
  5. Dead/Moved/ Etc.

You have to figure out what defines an opportunity. Simply because they opened the door does not mean they are an opportunity. You need a definition that works for your business. Perhaps a renewal coming up or an compelling need to install a security system. Then you can manage opportunities as intended… truly high probability contacts.

Your Opportunity Stages Would be something like:

  1. Needs Analysis (what type of system do they need)
  2. Proposal
    3)Consideration/Negotiation/Follow Up
  3. Contract Signed
  4. Closed - Won (Installed)
  5. Closed Lost

You also might want to explore the Contracts module to handle renewals process.