Safe and Compatible SugarCRM Extensions for Suite CRM

Hi everyone. I am am new to SuiteCRM however I haved used Sugar CRM before in the past. We have just installed the latest version of SuiteCRM and would like to know “what SugarCRM extensions are safe for Suite CRM?” we tried two and had to end up re installing our instance.


Hi there,

Any SugarCRM CE 6.5.x extensions should work with SuiteCRM, but there is no guarantee if the developer does not confirm this. You need to ensure your SuiteCRM successfully installed, that permissions are correctly set and that there are no issues when installing the module.



Thanks Will for the response. I appreciate the information. One last question: in the event of another bad extension install, is there an easier was to recover instead of a total reinstall?

Most extensions will install functionality into the custom folder and the extension/zip is normally uploaded to the upload folder, so you may want to try removing any files added there before completely re-starting.

Ok, thanks again!