Running 2 business with one installation of suiteCRM

I am just getting into CRM and learning the basics. I just did my first install and ready to go. We manage 2 small businesses and was wondering if it is a good idea to use one installation to manage both businesses. It appears that it can be done but what I want to know is if it is advisable? They are two totally different business one in the healthcare sector and the other in manufacturing/Craft industry.

Have other users been using it this way? Should it even be attempted? Will it cause problems later on?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

It’s possible, but it goes against the architecture of the system. The problem is that you can easily fall into issues where you have difficulty separating things.

If you wanted a really secure separation, I would immediately advise to use two different systems. But if the two organizations trust each other, and it wouldn’t be big deal if one ever saw a record from the other, you could try it.

You would basically use security to hide some modules and specific records from whoever shouldn’t see them.

Thanks much to all