Run SQL Query or Reports


I need to list all the contacts in CRM that have a specific “relationship manager”.

Also I need to find any international contacts in sugarcrm.

Please advise?

Give me some more information.

  1. What is “relationship manager”? Is it special or standard relationship in module Contacts?
  2. What is ‘international contacts’? Is it a dropdown list?

As universal decision:

  1. You can customize search through Studio or do it manualy.
  2. You can use reports (module - AOR_Reports).

Hi p.konetskiy,

when you view the contact there is a relationship manager assigned to this contact, I want to find all contacts that have this relationship manager, if that helps?

For international contacts meaning that if they are non United Kingdom to bring up list?

It’s standard options (screenshot). You can use filters by Assigned and Country.

We are on the following version :slight_smile:

Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

Any ideas where I can find it in there?

It was nostalgic. :slight_smile:
The version supported search for the fields in default configuration too.

Thanks for your help, that worked!

Is there a way to search for a contact that has a null value or empty value like in job title for example?

As a variant, you can:

  1. open section “Layout Options” (near the button “Search”);
  2. addition the field as a new column;
  3. sort table by the new added column.

P.S. I want recommended to migrate SuiteCRM.

Thanks for your help.

I did an export of all contacts and have identified the ones I need to delete.

Is there a way to bulk delete them quickly?