Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks


i have not received my scheduled report. i received following error logs.

Thu Jun 11 13:36:01 2020 [14944][1][FATAL] Job 9f460f6c-3918-a7a8-cae0-5ee2339c5f61 (Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) failed in CRON run.

please tell me the reason. i already added code in crontab.

Hi Gavas,

I’ve noticed that someone has reported a similar issue on the SuiteCRM github page:

In that, they’ve detailed that the “lastRun” value for the Scheduled Report is “NULL”, (as it is a new record)
However, changing that value resolves the issue, and allows the report to run

Are you able to update this value, or run the report manually?
Hopefully that resolves the issue!

Thanks for your reply.
How to update the value or how to run manually. Please explain, i will do.


If you have Database access, you should be able to change the “last_run” value in the “aor_scheduled_reports” table.

If you don’t, then you could perhaps create a Workflow to set “last_run” = “date_created” on the creation of Scheduled Reports records, that should ensure that “last_run” is not NULL for any new scheduled reports records

If you do the above, do the reports run?

Please see the below image,

I click edit button and save 2020-06-12 09:45 as Last run.

See the Job Log. Still the Same. it displayed as done. but we are not receive mail. Please


Sorry, I was meaning the “last_run” on the “Scheduled Report” record itself, ie:

How does it look here?

Thanks for ur reply,

i cannot access the database directly. because this suitecrm host from AWS. we cannot access that server instance. Tell me anyother method to update “last run” column.


Have you tried the Workflow method mentioned above?
I believe that should allow you to modify the value from the CRM-end

I don’t believe you’d need any conditions, but feel free to add some.
You should only need a “Modify Record” action that sets “Last run” to “Date Created”'s value.


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