Run once workflow creating duplicate records?

I’ve got a workflow that creates a record (module b) when a certain conditon is met in another (module a, a ticket box is ticked and the record is saved). It copies information from fields in module a to module b.

It’s not set to repeated runs and yet it’s creating the new record twice. Has anyone else had this issue? Any recommended fixes? I’ve recreated the workflow and still encountering the bug.



Please tell us (or add a screenshot at with the exact properties of your Workflow.

There might be some logic hook triggering a second save of the same record, causing the Workflow to be executed twice.

Sometimes you can add a boolean “Handled” auxiliary field to track the execution, and make that a condition for the Workflow to run.

So the workflow has a condition to only run if “Handled” is false.

And it has an action (the first action it does) to set “Handled” to true.