Run Email Reminder Notifications successful but no email

Dear all,

I have a SuiteCRM with the version below:
Version 7.11.18
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I am able to run the report scheduler and receive emails with reports.

For the Run Email Reminder Notifications job, the status shows “Done” but I am not able to receive any email reminder (mainly on the Contracts Reminder). I tried to schedule it every 1 min, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes, still no email.

From the suitecrm.log, the following is the log:

 SET `assigned_user_id`='1',`name`='Run Email Reminder Notifications',`date_modified`='2020-06-03 21:03:02',`scheduler_id`='97dbdc94-2c64-6270-21c4-59d05a9d4227',`execute_time`='2020-06-03 21:00:00',`status`='running',`resolution`='queued',`message`=NULL,`target`='function::sendEmailReminders',`data`=NULL,`requeue`=0,`retry_count`=NULL,`failure_count`=NULL,`job_delay`=0,`client`='CRONe4e33953b1b5c4c210dfe2728b2e8b81:6915',`percent_complete`=NULL

Please advise is there anything that I have missed.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


Are you still having issues with this?

It might be worth checking the SuiteCRM error log, to see if any errors occur at the time of when the Emails should have been sent out

Does anything show up that seems Email-related?

Although, as far as I’m aware, the “Run Email Reminder Notification” scheduled task is for Activity-type modules.
(ie, Cases/Meetings/etc)

Is this the “xxxx Contract Renewal Reminder” Call record you are referring to?
Or do you expect an Email on the date set on the record, ie:

It may also be worth checking that the Assigned User / “Reminders” users on the Call record all have valid Email addresses

Hi John,

Thanks for your response. And yes, the problem still there.

I have enabled the error.log in php.ini and restarted the server but couldn’t find the error.log in the /var/www/html/SuiteCRM folder. Nevertheless, I have enabled the debug in the suitecrm.log to view more info.

You are correct that I am referring to “xxxx Contract Renewal Reminder”. Is there an email reminder job for the renewal_reminder_date field?

I have also checked that the assigned user has a valid email address.




As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a Scheduled Job for the renewal_reminder_date field
Instead, the CRM uses that field to set the Date of the “xxx Contract Renewal Reminder” call that is created.

The Email should send as per the “Reminder” settings on the “Contract Renewal Reminder” call record(s).

Do you get Email notifications from other Activity records, that aren’t the Contract Renewal Reminders?

(ie, Manually created Calls/Meetings/Tasks)

Hi John,

Thanks for the replies.

I have tested a Meeting and was able to receive an email notification for this.

Looks like only the “Contract Renewal Reminder” not working.



Thanks for confirming!

Are you able to confirm if you get Notifications from a Manually created Call record, by chance?

If so, then there must be an issue with the auto-generated “[Contract Name] Contract Renewal Reminder” Call records.

Could you pass over a screenshot of the Call record that is created?

The only things I can think of that remain are:

  • The “[Contract Name] Contract Renewal Reminder” record has no Reminder time set
    (ie, the “Reminders” field)

  • The “[Contract Name] Contract Renewal Reminder” record does have a reminder, but no invitees

From looking at the code snippet that creates the Call, it seems as though it sets a “reminder_time” of 60 minutes:

(Which would be 60 minutes before the Call’s Start Date/Time)

However, unless I have missed something, it may not be creating a reminder fully, as nothing in the “reminders” Database table gets created for these “[Contract Name] Contract Renewal Reminder” Calls.

(Which, if that is the case, may actually be a bug you’ve helped us identify. But I’ll look into it a bit further)

Hi John,

No worries.

I have created a manual calls event with “one hour prior” email reminder and did not receive the email notification.

Please let me know if you need further info.

Thank you.



Thanks again for clarifying

hmmmm, so it seems like it’s Call records in general then, not the “Contract Renewal Reminder” Call specifically…

I assume nothing notable shows in either Error log when the Email should have been sent for the Reminder?

It would be worth comparing this Call to the Meeting that DID send a Reminder Email, to see what differs.


  • Same Invitee?
    (If not, does the Call invitee have a valid Email address?)

  • The Start Date/Time is not in the Past
    (It would have to be in the future, for the CRM to send correctly when the Reminder time is met)

  • Anything else that may notably differ?

Also, from your screenshot above, the “Run Email Reminder Notifications” Job seems to be running every 30 minutes:

Do you know if the “Run Email Reminder Notifications” Scheduled Job had ran when the Meeting’s Reminder time would be?
If so, did the same occur for the Call?

It might be that the Reminder was missed, if the Job didn’t run when the Reminder would have fired

Hi John,

Thanks for the details and apology for the late response. I was trying to setup a new SuiteCRM instance for this testing.

In the out of the box SuiteCRM application, I was able to test email on the Activity -> Calls. But for the Contracts, the reminder email still failed. When I checked the Log Call, the reminder was created there but the Reminders field was empty. I think this is the reason why there is no email notification as there is no trigger for “Reminders” field.

When I tried to add the Reminders field manually, It prompted “Missing required field: A reminder is empty or incorrect” when clicked on the “Add All Invitees” button.




Thanks for getting back in touch!

That sounds about what I’d expected, thanks for sending those screenshots over!

So, as far as I can gather from the info you have provided and the code snippet i’d posted above;

  • The “XXX Contract Renewal Reminder” call is created, but it doesn’t create/relate any person-type records. (Users/Contacts/Leads/Targets)

(You can see this by expanding the subpanels under the Call record)

  • As there are no related “person”-type records, the “Add All Invitees” button won’t have anyone to add.

So, in the end, this would be why you were not receiving notification emails for these specific Calls!

I’m not 100% sure if this is a bug, oversight or just the intended behaviour. (ie: To have users manually select invitees)

However, It would make sense for, at least, the assigned user of the Contract to be automatically set as an Invitee.
It might be worth raising on our Github Repo as a Suggested addition

In the meantime, as a workaround, you could try looking into Workflows to try to mimic the Notification emails?

ie, something like this:

Should work to send Emails 15 Minutes before a “Contract Renewal Reminder” Start Time?

Hi John,

Thanks for the workaround suggestion. I tried the workflow method and it works.

I have also tried editing the Activity -> Calls for the Contract Renewal Reminder by adding the invitee. It still not sending out the email.



Hey there,

hmmm, so if you do the following:

  • Create Contract
  • Edit the “XXXX Renewal Reminder” Call record
  • Add some Invitees
  • Add a Reminder, and add these Invitees to the reminder, like so:

That you don’t receive the Reminder Emails?

This seems to work as expected on my end.

Ie, this Call:

Sent these two Emails, (one per invitee):

If so, can you have a look at the Scheduled Job in:
Admin->Schedulers->Run Email Reminder Notifications

Is this running?
(ie, Last Successful Run is keeping up to Date and the “Job Log” is updated as per the Cron?)

Hi John,

I test again and it works this time. The Run Email Reminder Notifications scheduler is set to 30 minutes interval. I guess I have missed it in my previous testing.

I will need to remember to manually add the Invitees each time I created a contracts.

Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it.

Best Regards,

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