RTL Languages

After Installing an RTL language. the whole content works great, but the align is still to the left.
is there a way fo change only the installed languge to the be RTL?


I’m not a RTL user so I can’t help you on that.
Maybe there is also the need to create a RTL template so the RTL language really works.
See here: SuiteCRM - RTL theme - https://suitecrm.com/forum/suite-themes/1274-rtl-theme

Note: As an example, this is a print screen from an out of the box SuiteCRM + Hebrew language.
I don’t know if the output is far from the expected!

Also looking into JOB search there is a need for RTL!
Rtl support sugarcrm Freelancers and Jobs - Freelancer - https://www.freelancer.ie/job-search/rtl-support-sugarcrm/1/

And maybe the RTL theme was not ported to SuiteCRM?
See: What’s New in SugarCRM 6.2?

Maybe you can look into the RTL template from sugar and create your own version for RTL? Download old SugarCRM 6.2:

installing RTL theme will also change english users to RTL, I want to make RTL only to those who will choose to use hebrew as a language.
is it possilbe the make the system RTL only for Hebrew users?

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Did you got any solution for arabic language right to left alignment in suitecrm. After installing Arabic language i have to change alignment right to left.