Routing inbound email to different teams

I’ve successfully setup an inbound email - I would like to also add support@mycompany, and maybe a few more. My goal would be for cases to be opened with different teams - i.e an email to sales opens a sales case.

Currently all inbound email opens a support case. I don’t see a way to have an inbound email open any thing other than a support case. Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, but…

  • you can have individual email accounts set up in each user’s profile

  • you can have system-wide inbound accounts defined in Admin / Inbound that are for other purposes, and there you can set Create case from email to No.

Sorry, after looking more, it appears there is only “support” cases in SuiteCRM, not “sales cases” - I’m not sure where I got that from.

What do most people do with a shared mailbox? I’m assuming that I want a shared mailbox inside SuiteCRM for that, but what should happen when an email comes in? I understand opening a support case for technical issues, but should I also do that for quote requests, information requests, etc?

Probably the biggest problem I have is that i’m an IT guy trying to setup a CRM. I don’t know what best practices are, or really what I want to end up with.

Would it make the most sense to have sales@mycompany, support@mycompany, and info@mycompany all come into system-wide mailboxes, and open support cases, and have each one send out a specific autoresponder?

It’s really hard to answer those questions, these are really decisions about your Company’s processes. For example, it will depend on how many people will be attending each mailbox, and if you need them to present themselves to the clients as “institutional” or “personal”…

But it doesn’t shock me to use Cases for everything, then you can triage and handle things internally in several separate routes.

My advice is to just try and get clear in your head (by trial and error, reading Docs, asking here, etc) what are the exact technical consequences, and limits, of each feature. Then work out the organization’s processes around that, if possible including any relevant actors in your company.

Thanks for replying pgr.

I’ve got a company of two people. I do all technical / development stuff, and another person will handle all sales and marketing stuff.

I see how I can have multiple shared inbound emails, and either create a case or not. What I haven’t investigated is using my personal email with SuiteCRM.

I’ve read the doc here:

However I don’t quite understand. If I link my personal email with SuiteCRM, will I then need to send email through SuiteCRM, or is there a way to keep working through my email client as is, and have SuiteCRM be aware of the changes.

I’m using gmail as my mail client, and have it checking about 5 different mail accounts. My “work” email is one of the additional accounts it’s checking.

You’re better off using email outside SuiteCRM. GMail is infinitely more powerful than SuiteCRM’s simple email client.

The only reason you would use Email inside SuiteCRM is when it is critical to you to have each email related inside the CRM to other data (Contacts, Accounts, Quotes, Cases, etc). When you need integrated history of all sorts of things that happened to a client, for example.

It is perfectly possible to do business heavily reliant on email and use a CRM, yet not link the two very closely. It really depends on how you work.