Roundcube Integration

Does anybody know how to integrate Roundcube and SuiteCRM 7?
The email client/module of Suite CRM is just not efficient and has a lot of glitches.
I love Suite CRM but there are things like this that are just not efficiently designed. The email client is so basic and it has lots of issues. there are already opensource email clients that are properly setup, I don’t see why SuiteCRM should even have its’ own email client if it’s going to be problematic.
If anybody has found a way to integrate with Roundcube, perhaps it would be nice if you can share it here. I am sure almost everyone is having problems with the current default email client/Module within SuiteCRM and this would fix the problem many people are having.

hello everyone,
I asked cyborgsolutionpk to do this integration and it’s just beautiful. Finally my complete mail management is on my server!

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Wow! Is it fully integrated? ie:

  1. Group emails
  2. meeting reminders
  3. assignment notifications
  4. Campaign emails
  5. Workflow emails
  6. email templates
  7. attaching files and documents
  8. Password resets/account setup

It’s in Iframe with integration in roundcube for archive email on different module .
I think it’s an issue for the email in Suitecrm !!
I was looking for a solution to get out of google chrome and Yathit plugins and others that are dependent on the goodwill of developers. There, everything is on my server and I think that over time, we will think about other integration possibilities.


thanks for sharing that application - it’s very interesting. I’ve seen Roundcube before - it’s a very good open-source Email Client. So for a good choice for the situations where staff are willing to overcome the ‘fear of something new’ and are willing to not stay with Google mail, or MS 365 or etc.

Your integration SuiteCRM-Roundcube is missing lots of functionality ?

I am happy if you tell me I’m mistaken. From the examples above, the integration is only

  • staff email-client is now RoundCube (not SuitecRM, Gmail… MS 365…)
  • users can IMPORT individual emails into SuiteCRM (like Suite’s email allows)
  • to do that: for each email they have to manually go through several steps
  • ---- choose which Module type to save to (Accounts / Opportunities)
  • ---- search to find the right Opp or Account
  • ---- select in dropDown which User to assign to.

All the things listed in @pstevens message above: ie other Email features that Suite’s email DOES include -are NOT available with your RoundCube set up.

As an engineer, that would best be described as:

  • running RoundCube in an iFrame within Suite
  • as it is not strictly an ‘Integration’ at all

Or maybe there are more features you’ve not mentioned so far?

It’s in Iframe with integration in roundcube for archive email on different module, for different user:

For the moment, Roundcube is not use as “External Client” because variables are not evident to export.
But our super developer is working on it, and it should be possible soon.

This is a great project that in my opinion will really make suitecrm more user-friendly on email management.
I will tell you more soon, and I can give you in mp the coordinates of our developer.

We continue to make progress on integration and I admit that it is becoming more and more fun.
Now when I click on a contact’s email in Suitecrm, the writing window opens with the prefilled email. We can retrieve the templates emails. And we can decide on the module on which we archive the email before sending.
It is enabled for contacts/ Accounts/ Leads. By cons no variable type $contact-name and company …
Not for quotes yet, because it seems complicated to export variables when using “Email Quotation”. If anyone has an idea about it;)

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Hello everyone,

We’ve been using our new tool for about 10 days. And it’s really great.
In summary:

  • Integration of roundcube in Iframe
  • Replacement of the following email module by roundcube
  • Access to the suitecrm templates from the roundcube writing window.
  • Proposal for archiving emails directly in roundcube or by a “export to crm” button that allows us to choose the module to assign the email, change the subject of the email.
  • Automatic sending and archiving on the contact form, when you click on the contact email, the roundcube redaction window opens with the email of the contact pre-filled.
  • On this last point, we have when the possibility to archive it on another module (invoice for example)
  • Each user logs in with his own email address and we have made a common folder in the mailboxes in order to be able to transfer customer emails between each user.

That’s it for now.

  • Next steps, be able to add a pdf template to an email
  • Synchronize contacts with roundcube contacts
  • Find a solution for email template variables.
  • Find a solution for quotation to pdf which also has many variables
    For this last point, I would like to find a script that retrieves the html code and pastes it in the roundcube writing window.

In any case, it has really streamlined our work and made us completely independent of paid plugin or browser choice.

Nice day to all