Round diferent decimals on quotes pdf

I have a template PDF for Quotes, and i need 5 decimals in all document exept the total amount in 2 decimals.
Do you have any idea, how to do this?




This won’t be possible out of the box using the tools in SuiteCRM, You’d have to do this through the code.

You’d have to edit the generatePDF.php file. I imagine the functions you’d have to look at would be the;
populate_product_lines( ),
populate_group_lines( ),
populate_service_lines( )

and within those, make use of the ‘number_format’ PHP function to re-format the different numerical values inside the functions, to change how they are displayed.

You may even need to make modifications to the Quote’s Line items, as they are calculated/displayed with 2 digits after the decimal point by default.