Rookie at Linux - Need installation help!

Attempting to install SuiteCRM on a fresh MX Linux (Debian) installation. I beleive I have all the pre-req covered as I get thru the first two pages of the install passing all the check. The installation appears to be running…and running…and running…

I have read some people say the installation takes a long time and others that say it take 5 minutes. I have stopped the install and restarted it multiple times all with the same result.

Being a complete rookie at Linux, I don’t know where to begin. Anybody willing to lend a hand :slight_smile: would love to get some wisdom from somebody who has been thru this before.


Do you saw the manual: ?

here is a guide for Centos but the process in general should be similar:

Indeed saw this and am currently supporting ALL requirements.


Look at the file - install.log. Where is installation stopping?

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Just to keep the group updated… I took the long way around here and completed an full installation on a Windows platform and that cleared up many questions and missing steps and I have been able to get the full SuiteCRM installed and running well, but have a SugarCRM installation running side by side on my Linux environment. All is well in the installation for SuiteCRM… Now I just need to get all these linux commands figured out :wink:

Thanks to all that reached out.


WHM and CPanel makes it a lotttt easier to admin. You can also pay a few bucks (literally) on Fiver, UpWork, Freelancer type sites to find an expert to guide you very inexpensively