Roles and Lead Access

Hi Guys,

Got one here that I cant get my head around. The team are able to view all the leads in the system and not their assigned only, which is beginning to cause me some issues.

There are no groups assigned to the Lead records. I have the following roles in the system, all with varying levels of access:

Most users are just basic users with Lead access set to Owner only:

What exactly am I missing here? Does there need to be a group assigned to the lead?

Thanks in advance

by default, every user can access anything. So my usual approach is to define a deny-all role, removing all permissions for all modules (hin: you can click on the header columns to set a value for all modules at once).

  • your group should therefore contain two roles (instead of groups, you can also relate the roles directly to the user, but groups are usually better):
    • “deny all”-role: removing all permisions:
    • “Manager user”: granting all needed permissions

In a default setup, Suite would not merge both roles and grant the “highest” permission, which would be “owner” in this scenario. Leads with another owner are then not visible.