Roles - Access


I would like to ask 2 things

The first thing is if i create a role with specific users but i want to assign e.g. a project task to a different group of users will the accessibility ,which i have set in the first group, remain the same?

The second one is about the access fields control. I can give access for the field assigned to

Let’s assume that a manager assigns to his assistant a project task but we do not want the assistant to change the dates for his project

Is there any option about that?

Thanks in advance,

There is no field-level access control in SuiteCRM. Maybe in the paid version of Security Settings add-on there is, I am not sure.

About your other question, the accesses are a product of 4 different things:

  1. users (which belong to roles)
  2. Role definitions
  3. Security groups assigned to records (which can be more than one per record)
  4. Some settings from Admin / Security Suite Setttings

You just have to play with these until you get what you want, pretty much everything should be possible.

Sometimes it’s also possible to work around limitations with some custom code or some Workflows. For example, detecting an “assigned user” change and reverting it if it is not allowed.

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