Role Permission Update all Module

I created a role, ‘Manager’ and assigned required module access permissions. In delete, I left the permission as ‘Not Set’.

After that I came back again and tried to set all ‘Delete’ as ‘None’ from ‘Not Set’, but it doesn’t change. I am forced to do the changes one by one for all modules.

Is this a bug or intended featured?

I think by default, I want to set all permission as None and then give requisite permission to the user, so I know which user gets which exact permission. It is too much time consuming to set it up at present. Can it be done in bulk?

I have the same problem.
First noticed it in 7.11.0.
Upgrading to 7.11.1 did not help.

I have created an issue for this at

There is a fix as well that I have mentioned for it. So if anyone has the issue, please refer to it.