Role Management


I have created 2 Security Groups(Group 1 & Group 2) as follows :
Group 1 ---- Assigned to User 1 and User 2
Group 2 ---- Assigned to User 3

We want to allow to User 4(of Group 3) can see all Leads created/assigned by User 1,User 2& User 3 Only. Could Please Guide how can we do this ?

When we change the permission of User 4 (of Group 3) of Leads Module as “Group” then they can see Leads only assigned to User 4.

Any help appreciated.

Don’t forget one of the pieces of the security puzzle which is to assign records (contacts, leads, etc.) to Security Groups.

You can assign to more than one group, so if the records have two groups, you get added accesses. This solves some scenarios.

If you want a boss-sees-everything scenario, check out this article:

Ok thanks .We will follow and check.