Role Management List view Delete option

I am using Suitecrm 7.9.8 Version.
Role Management i given delete option for none but list view i am checking check box delete option is enabling.
How to fix it?


And does it delete the record?

Is this the a problem of not having the permission enforced, or is it just a problem of disabling the menu option?

Menu is not disabling in list view page and as well as Record is not deleting ,it is redirect to next page and display the message “contact your administrator”.

Please help me to this issue.

Security settings are a combination of 3 things:

  1. those role definitions

  2. which users belong to which groups

  3. which security groups are assigned to the records

Normally, people forget (or don’t understand) number 3. Did you assign those records to the appropriate security groups? You do this in the record’s detail view, at the bottom.