Role management for new modules


I have some new modules (created via Module Builder) and I am unable to see them in Role Management.

In Studio

In Role Management

I have done a Repair Roles & a Quick repair but still no luck. Any ideas?

You have published and installed those module or you directly deployed the modules.
In general when you install module and you cannot see those in role managment. It will rebuild acl actions when you do repair roles.

They were deployed. Is there a way to rebuild acl actions?

Anyone have any ideas on how to enable the module to show in Roles Management?

Admin -> Repair -> Repair Roles.

I have done a Repair Roles & Quick Repair multiple times but the modules still don’t show.

Can you check for Permissions for Files under Folder custom/Extension/application/Ext


All look fine

Inside the Folder Language?


i am sorry but this might require a review on the system itself as to what exactly the issue it.