Role Management for custom modules are not selectable.

Hi, I’m trying work around working on different layers of admin rights but encountered the problem below.
My team are working on custom modules and extended what we have to about 160 modules (incl. of core modules available).

To edit roles at Role Management, I do see the custom modules displayed for selection but only a good 130 modules can be updated but the subsequent modules.Tried updating (select Enabled at header for batch select) and saving multiple times but the 131st modules onwards (please see image attached) are back to “Not Set”.


  1. Are there limitation to no. of modules that can be customized on SuiteCRM?
  2. What is the best no. of custom modules to put on SuitecRM? (To optimize performance)
  3. How can we solve the problem above? Tried rebuild and repair but to no avail.