Role Management and Products


i’ve a problem with role management and products list

If we set

Module = Products
Access = not set
Delete = not set
Edit = not set
Export = not set
Import = not set
List = Group
Mass Update = not set
View = Group

this results in an empty list even if user created the product is in the users list of the role

How can i define products that are available for a certain group of users only?

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You are using Security Groups too, right? The role permission “Group” only applies to users in the security groups you define, not to the roles that they are in.

I’m fighting the same problem right now. By default, SuiteCRM does not include security groups for the Contracts and Documents module. I’ve added the relationships manually, which works, but group inheritance does not. So I have resorted to defining a bunch of Workflow rules to assign security groups.

Wish custom relationships with Security Groups would just inherit properly though.

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Thank you …

[quote=“Roquefort” post=9607]You are using Security Groups too, right?


Oh, i see … Products does also not support security groups by default.
So manually add this relation would enable security groups for the module?


It will but I don’t think stuff like group inheritance will work. At least it’s not for me, but I haven’t fully troubleshooted the problem yet.