Role-Based Dropdown Lists

Role-Based Dropdown Lists.
There is not a feature that like Sugercrm have, in SuiteCrm, are there ?

So, How to develop php or js file ?

I want to create role-based lists below.

module: leads
fieldsname: mystatus
mystatus has the lists ( draft,created,requested,approval,remand)

My CRM have roles which are sales and manager.
role:sales, manager.

I want THE lists
sales can use these lists (draft,created,requested)
manager can use the lists (approval,remand)

Ofcource, I have already make user role and lists. just create role based lists.

which file should I edit ? like this
how to write php program.

          mystatus shows (draft,created,requested)
        ($isEnabledRole==manager)  {
          mystatus shows  (approval,remand)

Can you help me ?

Hi @irieyuusuke,

Welcome to the community!!!

It depends what view you want to modify. Check here for more information on Views:

Now, based on that, here is a sample on how to add conditions when using the edit view: