Ringcentral softphone integration to suitecrm

How to integarte ringcentral softphones (voip) to suite crm?


What integration are you trying to achieve?

What did you already try?

What version of SuiteCRM are you running?

I am looking for click to call, call recroding, call duration, pop-ups etc that can be done from sugar crm or ringcentral softphones.

I tried downloading asterisk plugin, but I think that will not integrate.

I am the new version of suitecrm. Version 7.8.3

In SuiteCRM 7.8.3 there are some improvements to Click to Call. You must enable it in Admin/Settings.

Then basically any phone number you click should use whatever app is configured in your operating system to handle calls (“tel:” URI’s to be more precise). So you should be able to get your softphone working.

The rest won’t work out-of-the-box, you will need to develop it or use a plugin.

Please advise me how to configure the click to call in settings?

Additionally, please can you advise which plugin will work?

I’m afraid I don’t use that functionality and so I can’t advise any more than what I already wrote… sorry.


There are many plugin modules supporting integration of SuiteCRM with your VOIP system, pop ups, call notes, finding the customer record, call recording, all of it.
Probably one of the best plugins in my opinion, is called Tenfold, https://www.tenfold.com It’s reviewed in depth in the software press online so use your favorite search engine to read those reviews.
You can find out more and search/compare with several other competing VOIP telephony integration modules, on https://www.SugarOutfitters.com
Good luck, and be sure to report back your experiences here on this thread.

To configure the Click-To-Call settings, go to: Admin, System Settings, Click-To-Call.
For plugins, search at https://www.SugarOutfitters.com

SugarOutfiters has a SuiteCRM-specific site called the SuiteCRM Store.

Hi, do you find any solution for SuiteCRM to integrate ring central??

  1. the official ring central Chrome browser extension lets you call with the browser.
  2. third party solutions such as Callinize Tenfold, others.
  3. Make your own chrome extension with the javascript library, or modify the official one.
  4. In Suite, click a phone number, then set the RC desktop app to be the app associated with tel: links.