Right way to do validation in Edit, QuickCreate and Inline

Hello to all,
i’am doing some tests regarding the right way to do custom validation.

Currently i’ve tried this:

and seems to work fine in EditView keeping also SuiteCRM default validation in place.

I’ve tried to make some changes to let it work also in QuickCreate(by changing Save button id and Form id) with no luck so i’ve found a working solution here:

I would ask support on community to understand the right way to do it because i would like to have a common right method without having tons of different code.

I would also kindly ask which is the best way to make validation during inline edit in order to make everything consistent.

Any help will be appreciate.

Many Thanks!

does anyone can update me on this?

Many Thanks

I have a couple of validation links recorded here:
–> https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteDocs/issues/206

I don’t know if they can be of any help to you on this

Thanks, i will check