[Review]Theme R and 7 don't work properly in suitecrm 7.7

I just installed 7.7 on my server ubuntu 16.04 32 bit LEMP stack

I am sorry but I don’t like theme p at all. This is my first time to use any crm and I tried theme 7 and then R and I liked R better, personal preference, thats all.
So when I try to add some leads, the whole reason I went looking for a crm, it didn’t work right. When I create a new lead and hit save, it gives me a 502 error page. But the lead still is saved because they are in the list of leads. No big deal, just an error on the confirmation page or sending me back to the “wherever i am supposed to redirect to when saving” but then when I get to the leads page again and click on any of the leads I added, I get the 502 error page again. so i can’t look at the details of my leads. To me that makes the suite useless. Just to share more information to the rest of the Sales modules. They work fine, I can add and view accounts, contacts, opportunities, and even employees in all 3 of the themes with no errors. Only on adding and viewing leads and the missing convert lead to sale, suitecrm seemed to work good on all 3 themes, but I didn’t test everything.
I spent a whole day trying to fix leads, admin quick repair and rebuild, uping my pho.ini settings, edited nginx config, changing all permissions and user ownership, and every other repair I could find on this site or google including restarting nginx, php, and ubuntu over and over. I was also switching between theme R and 7 and it was the same errors.
Then just for the heck of it I switched back to the pitiful looking P theme and all of a sudden the leads worked! I could save a new lead, No error, I could view existing lead, No error. I also saw new features like the one I really wanted, switching a lead to a sale! it is available on P theme! I went back to theme R and 7 and still get the errors. Switch back to P theme and errors are gone.
Is this a bug in the old themes that are not compatible with 7.7? The P theme is such a turnoff to me I didn’t go back to suitecrm for 4 days. The 7 theme is too small for my eyes on my laptop and even on my desktop, but theme r did good on my desktop, laptop, and phone (s7) sure some things are small, but less of a hurdle compared to theme P on my laptop.
I know alot of people love the new theme and thats great, but please help with Theme R in 7.7 for those of us who prefer a desktop view that still works on a mobile phone.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take it into consideration moving forward.

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