Review SQL INSERT/UPDATE queries during Upgrade


We have several servers running a customized SuiteCRM version, each server with different specifications. We have a main git repository from which we review and deploy changes to each of the hosts using rsync. Whenever we need to run any SQL query in each of the instances, (that can’t be applied automatically by QR&R) we run a bash script that will modify the database accordingly. This flow is already established and fully working.

Currently, we are trying to establish a protocol for deploying SuiteCRM upgrades massively, following the same patterns, putting aside the Upgrade wizard or the silent installation.

We said: "OK, we deploy an isolated SuiteCRM instance, run the Upgrade Wizard installing the last changes, review git and push the changes to our main branch. If there is any new module/vardef change, the database will be synced using QR&R ". Until here, everything is fine, but, what if is there any database change run by the Upgrade Wizard and we aren’t “catching” it? For example, the addition of new Scheduler’s record directly through beans during the installation script, changes added in the configuration tables, or something similar.

The main question is: Is this information also logged during the Upgrade? Can we see the INSERTS/UPDATES applied? Is there any specific section in the Upgrade package where the SQL changes are specified? I tried to check the whole upgrade script, found some parts that might be useful but not sure if I am missing something.

Thanks for your help

There are some simple solutions here which might be enough for your needs