reverse the order of buttons

Hello everybody
How can i reverse the order of buttons in the detailview ?

You would need to create a copy of the detailviewdefs.php for the module in question and place it in custom//metadata/

Then at the top of the file you will see the buttons listed in an array. You can reorder them to your liking. Once you have that done, do a quick repair and you should be all set.

it does not work for me

guess you mean

custom//metadata/detailviewdefs.php rather than .com

yes I understood what he meant, I create a php file and it does not work,

I tested it ,when I put in a comment button, it disappears, but when I reverse order, by changing the number, it does not work

Sorry for the typo. Did you change the order of the labels as well?

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Yes, but it does not work

Can you post the code here?


I get the picture that I post in first

If the end result is to just reverse the order. Try the following in your /custom/modules//metadata/detailviewdefs.php file.

array (
          0 => 'DUPLICATE',
          1 => 'DELETE',
          2 => 'EDIT',

And be sure to do a quick repair from the admin afterward.

its the same pbl

Can you post the code from the custom folder in it’s altered state? And did you do a quick repair from the admin?