revenue scheduling/forecasting

It would be great to have the ability to schedule revenue for an opportunity. For example an opportunity might show that $100,000 will be earned but it will not be a lump sum, it will be monthly over the course of a year. It would be nice to show that the $100,000 is based on 12 monthly payments.

Is this already an option in suiteCRM, to devide the lump sum into scheduled payments?

What we want / are planning to do, is once we agreed with the client, what kind of service we will provide to the client, we will create a contract. The contract will be for a set duration, divided into months of service. Each month should be paid in advance. Before the month is finished, we want to send out a payment reminder (New invoice) by email for the new period. Once the payment is being made, there is green light to continue our service. If the payment is not being made in time, shortly before the new period, we should receive alerts from the system, so that action can be taken in the form of a manual reminder or a hold of the service.
A set amount of time before ending of the contract, we want an automated email going to the client, to renew the clients contract. A new offer, with the same conditions, for a similar period.
Of course, we want as much as possible, fully automated, but still receive alerts if something is going wrong. Or for instance, when a contract is about to end, because the client did not take action.

Any idea how to setup the suiteCRM system?
Is what we want possible?

Sorry, if this seems a strange question. I a very new to suiteCRM.
Still have to learn a lot about it’s strength and how to use its possibilities.

Thanks a lot in advance.