Retrieving Users Dashboard Preference using API V8

Any Idea how to retrieve User Preferences of the users logged on using API.

I want to get the datas that a user have on his/here dashboard for example the modules table he added and the Activity Streams.

I found this code on Suitecrm\public\legacy\Api\V8\Controller\UserPreferencesController.php

public function getUserPreferences(Request $request, Response $response, array $args, GetUserPreferencesParams $params)
    try {
        $jsonResponse = $this->userPreferencesService->getUserPreferences($params);

        return $this->generateResponse($response, $jsonResponse, 200);
    } catch (Exception $exception) {
        return $this->generateErrorResponse($response, $exception, 400);

My current endpoint right now is {{suitecrm.url}}/V8/userPreferences/UserPreferences/
I’m not sure if its correct and also its missing a parameter according to the function above.