Restricting Record Access

Has anyone had experience with implementing the ability to restrict record access based on certain field values. Take for example, I have a custom field on an object that when checked (if =1), then restrict access to all users except for the owner. This would either obfuscate or completely remove from any results, including (List Views, Global Search, Sub Panels, Reports, etc.). Roles and security groups are only able to take it so far, and the idea of a more restrictive field level security/record level security is still lacking for our use case.

Any information or guidance(links, examples) with a way forward on how to restrict record access would be exceptionally helpful.

Thank You.

SuiteCRM’s security Settings are pretty powerful and expressive, but field-level security is not part of what they can achieve.

Apart from customizing code to get that feature, a strategy that might work for you is to link those special fields (that check-box to restrict access) to Workflows or logic hooks that add/remove a security group to that record.

So you would basically rely on normal roles/groups restrictions, and have an automation to react to that checkbox. I don’t know if that is enough for you.