Restore My System only with DB Backup

Hello guys,

Can you help me out?

My system is up and running but for example, e-mail isn’t working, case module is showing an erro 500 when updating cases, I see some errors in log files and well.

Can I install a new installation of the SuiteCRM 7.5 version and restore my database on it, just to see if I can get rid off of these errors ? E-mail functionality was one of that everybody here used to like, so I would like to use it again, but I’ve tried many things and I can’t get it working again.

I have some custom modules on the system and I would like to know if restoring only the database that I have on a new system would solve some of my problems.

Best Regards!

Yes I’d suggest creating a new/fresh system and importing the data from your old database if you are having multiple issues that you cannot resolve due to bugs or bad customisations.

Alternatively, you could point a fresh CRM file structure at your existing database, change the version in the ‘config’ table to ensure it matches the version in the sugarcrm_version.php and suitecrm_version.php files and then run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair which would generate/update the table structure and relationships, although you may still hit bugs that exist at a relationship/table level.



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Will, I will do the first option you gave me!! and let you know, but thank you already for replying to me! Best Regards!

Hi Will,

I have installed a new instance of the SuiteCRM, now all it’s up and running apparently.

I’ve tried to export / import modules from the old instance to the new one, but the modules doesn’t contain the added fields and relationships that I had built before.

How could I import out the customization and data to this new Instance?? I’ve tried to import the database, but a lot of errors when doing that, so I quit.

Best Regards, :angry:


I have installed the new version and what I did was:

replace the directory rootsystem/include

I took the new system folder and put in the old folder.

E-mail got back and the case page has been opening again after updating and creating new cases.

Thank you all!! :woohoo: