Restore Back Up


I just did a reinstall of Suite and performed a backup prior to doing so. I have the backup file but cannot figure out how to upload it in the admin screen. Does anyone have simple instructions on restoring a backup?

Thank you,



Almost solved I moved over the custom file from the unzipped folder and replaced it. I then ran a repair but the custom fields are present but I cannot enter any data. They are not blue… Any Ideas?


More on above, when I go to studio, my custom fields are in the Layouts section, but I cannot see them in the labels section :S.

Here is a picture of how my custom fields look in edit mode.

I looked into the PHPmyAdmin and my custom fields are not showing in the database there.

I think they are set up correctly in Suite, I am a bit unsure of how to enter them correctly into the PHPMyAdmin.

any ideas?


I figured out what happened, I backedup suite CRM but did not backup PHPMy Admin. So I could see the correct custom layouts but they where not speaking to the backend.

Instructions for it are here:

Luckily I had backed up the CSV files so I can just reload the data in after I rekeyed the fields on a fresh install.